Norah Jones

There are many singers in the world who are great performers as they sing and play some type of musical instrument to add more feeling to their songs. You will find that Norah Jones who is an American singer and songwriter has a number of musical skills up her sleeve. This talented singer is quite skilled at playing the guitar, the piano and is a talented keyboardist as well. She uses the genres of blues, soul, country music, folk music, pop and jazz music in her numerous musical renditions.

The various songs that you can hear from Norah Jones are ones like “Don’t Know Why”, “The Nearness of You’, “Sunrise” “Creepin’ In”, “Here We Go Again”, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, and “Chasing Pirates”. These are some of the great songs of Norah Jones that you can choose from. While many of her songs have been performed as a solo act there are times when you will be able to hear Norah Jones performing with other superb performers like Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Wax Poetic, Q-Tip and Peter Malick.

Her songs with their soulful harmonies can be found under the record label of Blue Note. From this signing her many fans can choose top quality songs that Norah Jones has released. The next time you are looking for some great jazz and country music with a soulful atmosphere to it try listening to the music of Norah Jones.


Dolly Parton

In the world of country music you will find the name of Dolly Parton is very well known. This American country musical star is well versed in bringing her soprano voice and cheerful humor to her many songs. This attitude along with her flamboyant dress sense has helped to make instantly recognizable to the many fans of country music. Besides her rich voice you will be able to hear a number of different instruments like the autoharp, the banjo, the pennywhistle and other instruments giving her numerous songs that country flavor that is synonymous with Dolly Parton.

Some of the great songs she has sung include hits like “Jolene”, “Coat of Many Colors”, “I Will Always Love You”, “9 to 5”, Islands in The Stream, and “Better Get to Livin”. In addition to these solo numbers of hers there are a number of hits that Dolly Parton has performed with other performers. These artistes are celebrities such as Kenny Rogers, Emmylou Harris, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Stella Parton, The Larkins and many others.

The songs Dolly Parton has sung with these singers are just as popular as her own solo songs. You will be able to find many of her singles and albums under a variety of record labels. The record labels that Dolly Parton has signed with include ones like Goldband, RCA, Sugar Hill and her own record company Dolly. For the music lover who is looking forward to great country music you can find no better introduction than to listen to the songs of Dolly Parton.

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw or as he is rightly called Samuel Timothy “Tim” McGraw is an American country singer as well as an actor. As one of the many country singers that you will find Tim McGraw utilizes the guitar and the piano in his many songs to add some feeling, passion and depth to his songs. You will also be able to hear his voice blending harmoniously with these instruments adding a beautiful counterpoint to the entire experience.

This talented singer has many albums and singles which have topped the country music charts. Some of the songs you will be able to hear from his numerous albums and singles are “Something Like That”, “Indian Outlaw”, “I Like It, I Love It”, “Live Like You Were Dying” and “Just To See You Smile” among the many choices. Many of these songs have received numerous awards like the American Music Awards and the Academy of Country Music Award. For his many fans the smooth instruments and lively yet soothing vocals of Tim McGraw are proof as to why his albums and singles should be bought and why he is deserving of these numerous awards.

The record label that Tim McGraw has signed with is Curb Records. From this signing he is able to provide his fans with top quality music which is a delight to the senses as it is to the soul. Though many fans will state that Tim McGraw is a magnificent solo artiste, he has also worked with numerous other performers to provide even more delights to numerous new fans who have yet to hear his musical talents. The performers you can sometimes see him performing with are Def Leppard, Nelly, The Dancehall Doctors, Faith Hill and others.

For the fan who is lover of country music you will find that Tim McGraw is a magnificent performer who can provide you with uplifting music. Music lovers who have yet to hear his work should take the time to listen to some of the marvelous creations and develop an appreciation for both the country music and Tim McGraw’s musical genius.


Lady Gaga

The electrifying performances of Lady Gaga are ones that will live in your memory for quite a long time. Her singing style is a mix of electronic music mixed in with pop and dance music. The labels her music is distributed under are Interscope, Def Jam, Cherrytree, Streamline and Kon Live. With the aid of these record labels her numerous fans can hear the fabulous songs of Lady Gaga with no difficulties. Some of the songs that you will be able to choose from are ones like “Poker Face”, “Bad Romance”, “Just Dance”, and “LoveGame” among many others.

For her singing style Lady Gaga has drawn her inspiration from singing legends like Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Michael Jackson and David Bowie. This in addition to her personal glam rock style has helped to give Lady Gaga a look and style that is uniquely hers. However before you consider Lady Gaga to be just another singer you should know that her talents excel in other directions as well. She is a songwriter and a musician as well as a singer which helps Lady Gaga to ensure that her songs turn out the way that she wants.

The instruments you will hear in her songs are ones like the piano, synthesizers, and the keytar. With these instruments and her amazing voice, the music of Lady Gaga is wonderful to hear. For the fan who is looking forward to music with a difference you will find that Lady Gaga is a great performer. Look forward to adding her songs to your musical collection.


Amy Winehouse

In the world of music you will find many notable performers who have the ability of taking you on a fantastic journey with them. Of these marvelous performers you will find Amy Winehouse with her powerful contralto voice which has the power of rocking your soul to its core.
Her magnificent voice is used to great effect with the musical elements of rock & roll, R&B, ska, jazz, soul, swing, doo-wap and funk music. As you listen to this talented singer and songwriter you will be able to see the way the lyrics of her songs combine well with her powerful contralto voice.

Amy Winehouse’s career as a successful performer began in 2003 with the release of her debut album Frank. From this success she was nominated for the Mercury Prize. Her next album lead to Amy Winehouse being nominated for 6 Grammy Awards. These awards and the various others she has received has ensured that she is seen as a positive influence in the female section of the musical world.

Her music has been enhanced with her signing to a number of record labels like Universal Republic in the US, Island and Lioness. From these record companies you will find a wealth of albums and singles to choose from. Some of the fabulous songs that you can listen to will include “Love Is a Losing Game”, “Tears Dry On Their Own”, “Rehab”, and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” among others. If you are interested in listening to this talented singer these are some of her powerful numbers that you should try out first. Once you are hooked then you can see about listening to her many other numbers and revel in the rich tones of Amy Winehouse’s contralto voice.

Kanye West

You will find there are many versatile singers in the world and one who has great songs which appeal to a large number of fans is that of Kanye West. This American rapper produces great songs which includes the elements of pop music, hip hop and R&B to give his songs an element that is quite different from what you will hear from other rap singers. In addition to being a talented singer Kanye West is also a skillful producer, singer and musician.

His personal singing career started in 2004 with his debut album College Dropout. For this album and the next three albums Kanye West released, he received numerous awards. Among them he has been presented with 12 Grammys and received critical acclaim as well. The various instruments that are used in Kanye West’s song compositions are percussion instruments, synthesizer, keyboards and a sampler. While he performs most of his work as a solo artist there have been occasions where you will be able to hear Kanye West performing with other artists such as Child Rebel Solder and Go Getters.

His singles and albums are released under the labels of various record companies. These labels include Def Jam, Roc-A-Fella and his own music company GOOD Music. With the aid of these record companies Kanye West is able to provide his fans with simply stunning lyrics and breathtaking instrumental music. If you have not heard of Kanye West before this you should try listening to some of his music.

Diamond Rings

There are many songs which can catch the fancy of fans as the lyrics, catchy sounds and sometimes the accompanying music videos all combine to provide a fantastic entertainment. One song which is sure to catch your eye is that of Diamond Rings. This song is the combined effort of Chipmunk and Emeli Sande. This song is part of Chipmunk’s second album: I Am Chipmunk.

In this song you will hear rap rock, hip hop, R&B and grime as the main musical genres to be used. There are two formats that fans can get Diamond Rings if they so choose. One format is that of a digital download and the other is the regular CD single. The song is distributed by the Columbia/Sonymusic record label. In Diamond Rings you will find the main part of the song is mainly recorded with Chipmunk’s voice while Emeli Sande’s voice can be heard during the chorus.

As many fans enjoyed hearing this song, it became well placed on both the UK Singles Chart as well as that of the European Hot 100 chart. During the music video while you will hear both Chipmunk and Emeli Sande singing you will not see Emeli Sande in the video. The woman who takes her place is supposed to be Ms Sande. In the music video you will be able to see why the song is about Diamond Rings as it is revealed towards the end of the video that Chipmunk and “Emeli Sande” are diamond thieves and the police are looking for them after a successful diamond heist was carried out by the duo.

While this song is not in the usual mien of Chipmunk it is nonetheless an excellent song. The musical styles of Chipmunk meld well with that of the smooth, velvety tones of Emeli Sande. The next time you are in the mood for something different try listening to Diamond Rings.



For many people rock music is the only type of music to listen to. While mainstream rock music can be very enjoyable and you will find numerous songs in this genre there are also the times when you will be able find that listening to alternative rock with its many songs, singers and bands is just as enjoyable. Of the many bands that you will find in this genre one that you should take the time to check out is that of Coldplay. This band is composed of 4 members who help to provide the band with the various musical aspects to make the band and their songs a success.

These band members are Chris Martin who is the band’s lead vocalist. He is performs on the guitar and keyboards as well. Jonny Buckland is Coldplay’s lead guitarist while Guy Berryman provides the group with their bass sounds from his bass guitar. The final member of Coldplay is that of Will Champion. His role in the band is that of playing the rhythmic drums, other needed instruments to give their song more depth and life and he also provides the backing vocals when they are needed.

Coldplay has signed on with Parlophone, Fierce Panda, EMI and Capitol Records to distribute their many singles and albums to the public. You will find songs like “Shiver”, “Yellow”, “Trouble”, “The Scientist”,”2000 Miles”, “Clocks” and many more. For the fan who enjoys listening to rock music you may want to try your hand at listening to alternative rock from musical personalities like Coldplay.


Caribbean Music

As you sit down to relax and listen to your favorite song or instrumental song version you will not be thinking of the various styles of music which compose these works of art. However if you take the time you may hear some interesting styles which give the music that unique “look and feel”. Of the many musical styles that you will find Caribbean Music is one which is very interesting to look at. This is due to the various musical sounds and genres which make their way into this wide umbrella of music.

The various styles of music that you will find residing under the name of Caribbean Music will include famous ones like Salsa, Mambo, Listera, Merengua and Reggae to name but a few well known styles. The main differences that you will find in these forms of Caribbean Music are the country of origin and the different musical instruments which are used to create the rhythmic beat you can hear from all of these musical styles. As an example you will find that Con. Trova, Salsa and Timba music are all forms of Cuban Music. Here you will hear instruments like the claves, maracas, conga drums, the cencerro, and the cabasa.

Some forms of Caribbean Music will have influences from western countries as well as the African heritage music running through the musical compositions. These will include music from Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Here the western influence can be heard clearly in the Puerto Rican jiharo music as well as in the Jamaican Reggae Music. As you look closer at these styles you will find that Jamaican Reggae music emerged in the later 19060s. At this time it was made as different interpretation of American R&B music. There have been many famous singers like Bob Marley, Toots and the Maytals, and Peter Tosh who have helped to bring this musical sound to international attention.

For the many people who listen to Caribbean Music you will find there are many forms that it can take. The wonderful sounds which are part of this musical style provide a music that is rich and full of rhythms which are part of life and passion. Caribbean Music is one of the best forms of music to dance with joyous abandon and a way of expressing your inner freedom.

The Day the Music Died

You have probably heard Don McLean’s song American Pie. In the song there is the phrase ‘The Day the Music Died’. At first when you listen to this song you may think the various phrases have no meaning to music but as you listen closer you will hear small facts about the musical world and the events behind these events. The phrase ‘The Day the Music Died’ refers to February 3rd 1959. On this day a small plane containing three of Americas well known rock n’ roll singers of that time crashed.

The singers were Buddy Holly, J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson and Ritchie Valens. In the plane crash wreckage that was found all three of these singers and the pilot had died on impact from massive trauma wounds. It is for this reason that McLean’s song has the words that music died as three very promising singers who greatly influenced the music scene had their lives and careers cut short.

A variety of reasons led the three performers to taking a single engine Beechcraft Bonanza airplane to their performance venue. For Buddy Holly the bus traveling frustration is what lead him to choose to fly to the next venue, for Richardson his bout of flu had made the decision to fly as the ride to their next performance and for Valens it was a new experience that promoted him to ask to be one of the passengers in the plane.

Not long after the single engine airplane with its three passengers took, off the radio tower in Clear Lake, Iowa saw the tail light of the plane descending. This plus the flight plan file which was never called in prompted the tower to ask for a search operation into the whereabouts of the Beechcraft Bonanza airplane. Shortly after the search was begun the wreckage of the plane was found and its three dead passengers and pilot were also discovered.

Today you can find the memorial site where these three promising performers had their lives cut short in a private farm land. A stainless steel monument shows this location. It was in that crash that music died or as Don McLean’s put it that was ‘The Day the Music Died’.